Water, Drain, and Gas Lines

Water Lines

It is important when working with water lines to make sure they are installed properly. Undersized water lines, improper materials, and poor installation can have an impact on how well a plumbing system functions. It is important to have a licensed plumber install and repair water lines to code to prevent unnecessary issues from occurring. Fortunately, we are here to fix your water lines in Johnson and Miami Counties.

Drain Lines

When drain lines are not installed properly they don’t function properly. Often drains are installed incorrectly. Drains should be sized properly, have a slope that meets code standards, and have p-traps at all fixtures when they are connected to a drainage system. Improper fittings and installation practices can cause unnecessary problems and lead to dysfunctional and possibly hazardous plumbing systems. Leaking drains can cause extensive damage and mold, if not repaired quickly. Do you have broken drain lines in Johnson and Miami Counties? Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help you with drain repairs and installations.

Gas Lines

Gas lines should be serviced and installed by a licensed professional. Improper sizing and installation can restrict gas flow producing inadequate and harmful results. Before adding gas lines to an existing gas system a licensed plumber should always check to make sure the gas lines are sized properly to accommodate additional gas appliances. Have a broken gas line in Johnson and Miami Counties? Call today for repairs, pressure tests, and installation of gas lines.